Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

What's up? :D

Just noticed that it's been a really long time since I was on here and posted something...
Well I never now what my post title should be.. so it's just  What's up? :D

I still love it here. ♥

Thursday I think we got our first 9 weeks report card. All A's and a B in history. That is really my hardest class.
My teachers are awesome and they love me haha. :D

October the 16th was the EDHC concert. We practiced the whole day and then the concert was at 7pm. It was awesome and the day was a lot of fun. And I have a DVD of the concert. :)

Last Friday we went to Fort Smith and we ate at Cici's (I love that place! :D ) and then we watched a movie in the theater. Autumn, Stacey, one of Stacey's friends, and I watched "Pitch Perfect". That movie is awesome! It's soo funny! You have to watch it when it comes to the theater in Germany! :D

Last Saturday was the Balloonfest here in Poteau. They had some rides and some bands playing and stuff like that. I was there with my friends. It was a lot of fun. :)

Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

Homecoming ♥

Yesterday was awesome! I love homecoming soo much! I wish we had it in Germany!!
At the football game we were all freezing because it was soo cold, and we lost the game... But it still was a lot of fun with all my friends! :)
And then after the game there was the homecoming dance. It's like a party and we were dancing the whole time. Everyone was dancing! Not like in Germany when only girls are dancing, and boys don't want to.
It was so much fun! :D It was the best night so far!

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

2 Months & Homecoming ♥

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I'm really busy! But yeah I'm taking my time today to tell you what was going on in the last time. :)

Today it's 2 months since I arrived in Poteau! I still love it here and I think I can just repeat it over and over again. My hostfamily, school, and friends are amazing! I'm looking forward to every day at school. Isn't that really weird? I mean, it's school! But it's so much fun! I love my teachers and all my classes. And I'm doing really good! I have all A's and only one B. 
Tomorrow I have another history test.. :D

The last week was homecoming-dress-up-week. That means that we have a theme every day and then have to dress up for that theme. :) 
Homecoming is on Friday. There's a football game and after that is a dance. 
I'm in the Drug Free Coalition and we are hosting the dance, so we had to decorate everything. It was so much fun! We had to be at the school from 6-9pm, and we made signs and posters and stuff. It looks really cool!
Tomorrow, there's going to be a Pep Rally in 7th hour and after that I have to stay at the school to move all the chairs out of the room and prepare the rest for the dance. 
I'm really excited! That's the first homecoming in my life! :D