Samstag, 10. November 2012

I'm gonna be a Mat Maid! :D

Alright, wrestling season starts now and I'm gonna be a mat maid. That's kinda like a cheerleader for wrestling. :D It's gonna be so much fun! :D Some of my friends and me are gonna do it together. It'll be awesome. And some of the wrestling guys are really cute hahaha. ;)

My history teacher is probably one of the most awesome teachers ever. He's picking on me a lot though...
But it's funny and I know he loves me haha. :D
My nickname in his class is Pope.... Long story....
Two other girls in my class are England and Mexico... Long stories also. :D

Soccer is fun. Tuesday we had to run to the water tower and back, which was a little bit more than 2 miles... It was hard and I was tired after that, but it feels good afterwards.

I'm excited for Thanks Giving and Black Friday! :)

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