Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012


Yep we moved last weekend. We still live in Poteau though. It's just like a different street ;)

Last weekend was really cool. :) Friday I went to the skating rink with some friends and then we spent the night at my friend's house. And me watched movies and stuff. CHICK-FLICK hahaha. :D 
And then Saturday we went to the open mic night at the coffee cup. The coffee there is soooo good! :D

Yesterday we got out Matmaid uniforms! :) We're all so excited! The uniform that we already have is more black and then we're gonna get another one which is more red and white. I love it so much! I feel like a real cheerleader whenever I'm wearing it lol. 

Today I'm here for 4 months. :) It's still pretty good. I gotta watch my weight though haha. :D I'm not even telling you how much I gained. But it's not THAT much. So don't think I'm fat now or something cause I'm not! :D Just making sure haha. :D 

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