Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

Last week of school...

So the last week of school has started.. It's really sad to me and in first hour I almost started crying lol. Well, four school days left, let's make the best out of it!

Last week we had our choir spring concert. It was really good! I sang in the normal choir and we did two of our show choir songs and then some other people had solos and duets and stuff. It was fun! :)

Last Friday I went to Fort Smith with some of my friends. We went to eat at Fuji and then to the movies to watch The Great Gatsby. That movie is AMAZING! You HAVE to watch it! We started crying lol. But Leonardo DiCaprio is such a great actor! And he is perfect for the part he's playing.

Saturday our soccer boys played in the state championship finals in Tulsa. The school provided a bus for students who wanted to go see the game, so one of my friends and I went to see it and it was awesome! The game was intense but our boys did really good and won in the end! :) Go Pirates!! But it seriously almost gave me heart attacks. :D
After regular time it was 3:3 so they had to go into overtime. Golden Goal: whoever scored first, won. It was nerve racking!
But I'm so glad they won! When they scored that last goal, everyone jumped up and ran onto the field to celebrate and then we took a bunch of pictures and stuff. It was 1am when I got home but I had a blast! :)
Go Pirates! ♥

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