Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Last day of School and Tornadoes...

Sooo, as most of you may know, Friday was our last day of school. It was sad but I made it through the day. :)
The last week was great though. On Tuesday we had our talent show in the school. Some of the people were really good, others... well.... you know. Some of my friends did a dance and they won! It was really good and funny! :)
And then Wednesday we had the award show. That's where all the seniors get awards and scholarships and stuff like that. It was cool actually but it got boring cause it was almost 3 hours long.
On Thursday in choir we had cake because our choir teacher is retiring after this year... On Saturday we had a surprise concert for him and a lot of his students from all the last years showed up to sing with us. It was just amazing!
The whole last week of school I took so many pictures with all of my friends and I let them all sign one of my Poteau Pirate shirts. I will keep that forever! I love y'all!

Well... and then there were the tornadoes... So Monday, yesterday, we had went to Fort Smith to go shopping and we were almost on our way back when we heard about the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. So when we got back home, on TV they said the tornado probably wouldn't hit Poteau, but we had a thunderstorm warning. We were all just sitting in the living room, all scared. Outside it was really still, like no wind at all. And then it started raining a little and there was thunder and lightning but not real bad you know. Well and then suddenly the sirens went off, we all ran outside, got in the car, and drove to the safe room of the middle school. And seriously, within maybe 5 minutes the wind and rain got so strong ut was unbelievable! So we were all sitting in the safe room and I was majorly freaking out. I had never been so scared in my entire life.
The tornado really hit Poteau, but luckily it wasn't that bad anymore. There was some damage downtown, but on our street there was only a few branches on the street and stuff. But I tell you, it was scary! And it hasn't stopped raining ever since...

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