Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Bye bye USA ! :)

So, right now I am sitting at my gate at BWI airport and I am so bored!
My last two weeks in Poteau were good. We went to Texas to visit my hostdad's family and then we went to six flags, a big amusement park with lots of roller coasters and stuff like that. That was a lot of fun.
Well and then when I had to leave it was really sad.. I cried a lot at the airport.
I flew from Fort Smith to Atlanta, and from there to Baltimore where I visited my mom's cousin and his family. We went to Washington, D.C. and to Baltimore and they showed me around. I really like it here. It actually really is a place where I could see myself live.
Well as I said, right now I'm at the airport about to leave the United States. I really loved it here and really enjoyed my time. I will miss everything and everyone but I'm looking forward to seeing my German family and friends again!
See you soon Germany!

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