Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Happy Birthday Autumn! :)

Alright, so I'm really trying to post more on here! But Sometimes I just don't find the time to get on my computer. But I'm posting quite a lot on Instagram and Twitter. So if you wanna follow me there, it's "zeynathegerman" for Instagram and "MissJuliet_x3" for Twitter.

Anyways, back to the topic. The reason why this is called "Happy Birthday Autumn!" is because today is Autumn's birthday! :) Autumn is my best friend over here. We had a little birthday party at a friend's house yesterday and stayed the night over there. We took a lot of pictures because Emily got like a whole photo shooting setup thing for Christmas. Like a screen and all the lights and stuff. So yeah, we kinda had a photo shooting. :D It was really cool.
Well we stayed up really late, so this morning I didn't hear my alarm and almost missed my matmaid practice. But I was only a little bit late. 
Tuesday we have the next match and Saturday we go to a tournament in Sallisaw! That's really exciting. :)
Tomorrow is the first Basketball home game and I'm working at the concession stands, yeey. :D

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