Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Wrestling ♥

I love Wrestling! :D It's so much fun to watch the matches and I love cheering. It's soo cool aah. :D And I pretty much understand everything that's going on. :) 
Our team won both duels on Tuesday and I think only two or three wrestlers lost their matches. Our next duel is Thursday the 17th. Saturday the 19th,we go to a tournament in Sallisaw; and Tuesday the 22nd we have another duel. 

Only four of us, because the other three couldn't be there that day. :)

We had two basketball games on the 4th. The girls and the boys played and both won. :) 

We started soccer practice and next Tuesday we're gonna start after school practice. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had to run a mile in less than 8 minutes - impossible! Only four of about 30 girls made it on Tuesday and no one made it on Wednesday. It was cold and raining and just horrible. I don't even know my time cause everybody told me something different. I did pretty good on the sprints though. 7.3 seconds for 50 yards; and 15.2 seconds for 100 yards. 
Today the Coach made us run the whole hour. My legs are hurting so bad! I couldn't even move them after the practice. But I'm trying and doing the best I can. 

Oh yeah, on the 18th we have the basketball homecoming dance. :) That's gonna be cool. :)

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